Dr. Detwiler has been a wonderful advisor for Dominic and I. Having to cope with the emotional wounds from war, we got to a point where we were just “stuck” and frustrated in our marriage.Wesley helped us to see each other’s needs and how to communicate more effectively. He is very impartial and knows how to guide couples through discussion. He is an excellent listener and very accurate with his feedback and recommendations. We implemented his advice and noticed great changes in our relationship. We feel very fortunate to have someone like him to help us strengthen our marriage.
Dominic and Karen

I feel Wesley is the first therapist I’ve had to really get me started on the right track with my recovery plan. He is very helpful and has a lot of experience. It’s always a comfortable setting and the time always seems to pass too quickly. I know I want to work with Wesley long term as my primary therapist.

Wes has helped me sort through emotional turmoil regarding my spouse’s terminal illness and my mental health. Without him I’d be in a much darker, unhappier, unhealthier place.