step into “now” and create today


My philosophy is anything that doesn’t kill me is a learning experience. I ask my higher power to help me be mindful, unfettered by yesterday or tomorrow, ready to step into “now” and create today.

I strive to live an honest life, free of judgment, resentment and greed. I have found great joy and true fulfilment in practicing love and tolerance in all I do. I have carried these principles in my professional work as well. I believe spiritually grounded practices promote mental wellbeing and overall wellness.

Wesley Detwiler, PhD


Therapuetic Services

Couples Therapy

Develop more effective communication skills, Divorce and premarital counseling

Personal Therapy

Career changes, Life changes, coping with loss, Gay, lesbian and transgender acceptance

Trauma Recovery

Grief and loss, transition to wholeness, Aging, Post-divorce therapy, Veterans, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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